Who are Magellan Aerospace: Magellan Aerospace is a global enterprise providing integrated products to the aerospace industry worldwide.

Problem: Magellan Aerospace make large aluminium wing ribs and spars pressings for Airbus and needed packaging solution for safe storage and transportation for these safety critical airplane parts.

How Columbus helped: We provided packaging solution for large aluminium wing ribs and spars pressings.

Solution:Total Component Protection | Agile | Bespoke | Competitive costing | Large Parts for small Volume






Magellan’s requirement was to ensure the safe storage and transportation for their large aluminium wing ribs and spars pressings. Historically, they had used packaging solutions which hadn’t protected these safety critical pressings and they had become damaged both in transit and in storage. Columbus responded with a fabricated design that avoided new tooling and the costs associated with tooling.



A vast array of dissimilar products that all required protection from surface damage in transit and storage. Any surface damage on these high cost items would cause rejection due to the highly critical nature of the aerospace industry.

Sizes range from 25mm machined component to 25M aeroplane wing rib each with safety critical surface finishes as required in the aerospace industry.

Our challenge was to supply specialist transport and storage solutions for all of the parts.

For the large components with low volume production we designed a fabricated solution constructed from sections of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) adhered together.

Download a copy of the case study here.