Who are FT Gearing Systems: F.T.Gearing Systems Limited are dedicated to supplying precision components and Gear Technology Solutions to the UK and Global Defence & Aerospace sector.

Problem: Already a customer, FT Gearing requested a visit as they were looking to remove all old packaging media from their process and replace with bespoke purpose designed trays for the manufacturing batch run quantities. All trays needed to be; with plastic cases, with lids & individually labelled for easy identification.

How Columbus helped: We created a bespoke solution from drawings provided by FT Gearing. Together we created a loop returnable packaging storage solution.

Solution: Bespoke Purpose Designed Trays | Closed Loop Returnable Packaging Solution

Summary: FT Gearing provided Columbus with a list of components and drawings. We also received the batch sizes required for their manufacturing process for each part. Initially, to keep project spend down we looked at our standard containers to eliminate new tooling costs. Our extensive standard containers available had to; fit per component and correct number of impressions to suit the batch size and all containers needed to be held within a plastic outer case and lid and clearly identified externally.

Solution: Columbus provided between one and three containers for each part to provide a trial manufacturing batch. Each container included; a Columbus Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) tray, an outer plastic case and lid, a foam pad fixed to the underside of the lid to hold the components in place and protected during transit. Each pack is individually identified for ease of future ordering.

Result: FT Gearing now have closed loop returnable packaging designed to house each components manufacturing batch quantity, identified externally and of a standard footprint for ease of storing within their manufacturing process.

Download a copy of the case study here.