Established 50 years, Columbus are experts in the design and manufacture of materials handling and transport containers. Which reduces component damage, saving money during the manufacturing cycle, storage and in transit. We offer a standard range of containers in many different shapes and sizes that are light, durable and reusable. Where a bespoke option is required we utilise “Solid Works” in our design proposals. The ability to provide a 3D model helps to shorten the design lead time, creates better solutions and encourages new ideas and opportunities. Our customers include Renishaw, Thales Air Defence, Aston Martin, Ultra Electronics, Magellan and Rolls Royce.

The proven versatility and flexibility of our unique materials, has led its adoption by many different industries:

  • Aerospace: our packaging protects large, high cost components in small batches.
  • Automotive: we provide, cost effective, closed loop, returnable and reusable packaging for bespoke parts.
  • Defence Providing specialist foam engineering solutions for vibration protection of sensitive equipment.
  • Electronics: use our Conduct-A-Pak in their manufacturing processes, which has proven to be a very popular and effective solution to electrostatic charge protection, use with robotic arm pick and place situations / mechanisms and protects against temperature variation.
  • Machining: we use our standard range of material handling trays for use during manufacture, storage and transport.
  • Oil: We provide packaging solutions, providing packing protection for expensive drill bits and components.
  • Optics: use work trays that withstand high temperatures to allow in process heat treatment of optical lenses in the tray.